Best Paper Awards

Five Best Paper Awards with prize 200 Euro each (Sponsored by Springer) have been awarded to:  

Bio-inspired computing
Chao Qian, Yang Yu and Zhi-Hua Zhou
A Lower Bound Analysis of Population-based Evolutionary Algorithms for Pseudo-Boolean Functions

Hybrid systems
Qiang Lu, You Xu, Yixin Chen, Ruoyun Huang and Ling Chen
Enhancing State Space Search for Planning by Monte-Carlo Random Walk Exploration

Big data
Hong Rong, Huimei Wang, Kun Huang, Jian Liu and Ming Xian
Privacy-Preserving Scalar Product Computation in Cloud Environments under Multiple Keys

Learning (algorithms)
Jun Liu, Zheng Zhao, Ruiwen Zhang and Yan Xu
Successive Ray Refinement and Its Application to Coordinate Descent for Lasso

Sultanah Alotaibi, Peter Tino and Somak Raychaudhury.
Delay Estimation in Gravitationally Lensed Photon Streams