Local Attractions in YangZhou

Yangzhou has been without doubt a fascinating symbol of natural beauty in China ever since ancient times. This city of over two thousands years entices numerous people with its endless water scenes, tasteful landscaped gardens as well as various architectures in magnificent or simple delicate styles reminiscent of many outstanding figures.

  • Slender West Lake

    The soul of natural beauty in Yangzhou should be the Slender West Lake lying to the northwest of Yangzhou City. Like a long wide green ribbon, its beauty lies in the rippling waters, winding dikes, arching bridges, dancing willows and colourful flowers along the bank. 24 attractions along this delicate lake make up a huge water scene.
  • Da Ming Temple

    Actually, Yangzhou has developed strongly in culture during its long-standing prosperous history as well as its nature-blessed beauty. The part of Buddhism occupies an important place among the many influences on Yangzhou culture. The 1,500 years old Daming Temple in the northern suburb is claimed to be the national Buddhism treasure, for it gathers lots of cultural relics and temples as well as having beautiful garden scenery. Another important temple is the Gaomin Temple which is located in the southern suburb and is one of the eight famous temples in Yangzhou during the Qing Dynasty.
  • He Garden

    Built by He Zhidiao, a 19th century Chinese envoy to France, this garden is famous for a 430m. (1,377 ft) two storied winding corridor, the walls of which are lined with stone tablets carved with lines of classical poetry, In the garden is also an open air theater set on an island in the middle of a fish pond.
  • Ge Garden

    It was during the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) that garden construction on a large scale emerged in Yangzhou City. The garden construction in Yangzhou City later became prosperous early in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), especially after the southern itineration of the famous Qing Dynasty emperor Qianlong. It was also during this period that Yangzhou got famous for its beautiful gardens. Unfortunately, over the years most of the gardens were damaged in the confusion and disorder brought about by various wars. But Ge Garden survived along with several other gardens in Yangzhou City.
  • The 24 Bridges

    The Twenty-four Bridge Scenic Spot, located in the western section of the Slender West Lake, has been a lure since ancient times.
    As to the picturesque Shugang Ridge-Slender West Lake sight, including Discovering-Spring Tower, Exquisite Flower World, Xichun Tower and the Twenty-four Bridge Scenic Spot, the last one has added the charm with its unique flavor.